Our Mission

Kaleido Sniper was created to bridge the gap between novices and baristas, making the joy of coffee roasting accessible to everyone. Our goal is to enhance the coffee experience, empowering people to discover and enjoy exceptional coffee.

Kaleido Beanseeker C1


Basic Performance

Each Kaleido Sniper Coffee Roaster has been tested and verified, and all functions have been upgraded from one generation to the next. Each one has been while retaining the following essential features. Ensure that each roaster can assist you in completing every roasting task and get a perfect roasting experience.


Independent Cooling System

A decent cooling system prevents over-roasting of the beans. The engineers equipped two or four cooling fans depending on the roasting capacity of different models to ensure sufficient power. In addition, Kaleido’s cooling system is independent and it does not affect the heating, which allows you to roast the next batch while cooling.

Electric Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating

With unique penetration performance and rapid heating capacity, carbon fiber infrared heating tube achieves an innovative breakthrough of low energy consumption and high thermal energy.

Presice Temp Probe

Obviously, the temperature measured by the probe is varied at different positions from the heat source. To solve this problem, we designed a screw-free self-locking probe holder, which can easily adjust the depth of the probe.

Flexible Drum

Enhanced high-speed steel Mesh Bean Drum Ensures a uniformly heated roasting process, which in turn aids in the comprehensive separation of pulp from chaff.

Smoke Exhaust

Generally speaking, the built-in extraction system of Kaleido roaster can remove most of the smoke. However, for large capacity roasting or deep roasting, there is still the inevitable problem of smoke exhaust. So we have designed a special smoke exhaust pipe, just attach a pipe to solve the smoke problem.