Shipping Cost & Time

Regardless of the area, all products will be delivered as soon as possible. Usually, delivery time is 10-15 working days.

Where is my order?

Your shipping confirmation will be received only when your items are fulfilled. Please fill in your both account email and order number in order to monitor order status.


• To help solve the problem of customs duties and VAT, we usually choose the airfreight line of the corresponding country to transport the package. And the final delivery will be made by UPS, DHL. That means you may be unable to check the tracking number until the package has cleared customs.

• Please make sure to enter a physical address and phone number to avoid any issues with your shipment.

• For rural or remote regions, please allow an additional 3-5 days for delivery. We appreciate your patience!

• If your order has already been shipped, we will be unable to redirect it. Here are some alternate options: Once the package has been delivered to DHL or UPS, you can contact the carriers directly to request them to redirect it to an alternate address. Please note that this is done at the discretion of the carriers. If you need further assistance, please contact us – we’re more than happy to help!

• When placing an order, please review your personal information (i.e. shipping address, phone number, email) carefully to avoid any issues or delays getting your order Thank you!

If you don’t receive your package on time, please feel free to contact us. As a friendly reminder, all shipping times listed in the chart above are calculated in business days and do not include weekends.

Return & Refund Policy

We offer refunds on unused items purchased from www.kaleidoroasters.ca subject to a 15% restocking fee (Note: Roasters from Amazon and other resellers are not covered by us, please contact who you purchased from) You will be responsible for shipping the roaster back to our factory. The roaster must be returned in the original packaging, and secured appropriately. (No exceptions, must be all original crate, foam, and supports).

Warranty Claims 

Please be aware that the equipment we sell is intended for appropriate use. By using it for a purpose other than what it was intended for you will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties are nontransferable – resale of any equipment will void the warranty. If equipment you purchase from us fails prematurely please contact us.

Merchandise Returns

We cannot offer a “satisfaction guarantee” on merchandise or coffee. We ask you to read descriptions and purchase in good faith, we are honest in our reviews! If you are unsure about an item, feel free to email or call with questions before you purchase. Please do not buy items with the intention of returning: this is devastating to any small business! We do not want you to keep something that you are really unhappy with, but often we can advise you on the proper use of an item and resolve other issues.

Shipping Damage & Mistakes

Please open and inspect your package as soon as you receive it. If your shipment was damaged or you received incorrect merchandise, please email sales@kaleidoroasters.ca with photos as soon as possible and we will take care of the issue. Damaged merchandise must be reported within two weeks of delivery.

Do Kaleido Roasters produce a lot of smoke?

Our built-in smoke extraction system is designed to absorb most of the smoke produced during the roasting process. However, as the roast volume and roast level increase, it’s possible that more smoke will be produced. If you own an M10 and regularly roast more than 500 grams or tend to roast darker, we recommend using an exhaust pipe to help alleviate any excess smoke. This will ensure that you can continue to roast without disruptions and maintain a safe and comfortable environment.

What Are the Main Differences Between the M1, M2, and M10 Kaleido Roasters?

The major difference between them is the capacity of a single roast. We give corresponding heating power and cooling fans on each roaster to meet the roasting needs of different capacities.

The M1 has the smallest capacity: 50-200 g. The M1 is defined as a household-type coffee roaster and has been redesigned to be more compact and sophisticated to cater to its usage scenario. 

The M2 is equipped with a medium-sized capacity: 50-400 g. The M2 was the first roaster to go into production, and after years of upgrading and maintenance, it is a fully functional, stable, and well-equipped medium-sized roaster. Its use scenario is the transition from home roasting and small cafe roasting to moderate roasting.

The M10 has the same appearance as the M2, with industrial linear and muscular aesthetics, while having a larger capacity: 500-1200 grams, it is defined as a commercial use roaster.

What’s the difference between Standard, Pro and Intelligent Version?

We defined 3 versions based on different roasting demands, named Standard, Pro, and Intelligent.

The Standard version comes with a 4.7″ touch screen panel. All of the operations and curves are based on the panel. It was built in a unique system to record the temperature profile. It’s comparatively easier to operate and friendly to those computer novices.

The Pro version does not have a panel to operate it but connects to Artisan via Bluetooth or USB cable. It is able to record temperature curves and replicate them to ensure a consistent taste for each batch of beans. It’s perfect for those who work in coffee shops or have a strong desire to chase consistency in taste. Once you ordered the Pro version, we will send you the artisan installation package, Bluetooth built-in files, and reference recipes.

Considering the instability of artisan connections (which may exist) and the complex configuration files for novice computer users, Kaleido engineers developed the intelligent version, which is based on a separate system. It has the same features as the Pro version. It comes with a 7″ touch screen panel, which enables recording and replicating curves.

How long does Kaleido Roaster needs to cool between roasts?

The Kaleido Roaster does not need to be cooled between roasts. On the contrary, after finishing all roastings, please make the drum stir and cool until the air temperature drops below 50°C.





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