Kaleido Coffee Roaster Hot Air Upgrade Revolutionizes Roasting Industry!

Mar 23, 2024

Kaleido coffee roaster has added a new hot air channel to the previous carbon fiber direct fire roasting, as well as upgraded the construction of the machine. With this upgrade, while the exhaust pipe extracts the smoke and hot air from the roaster, new cold air comes in through the heated channel(Hot and cold transitions do not affect roasting in the drum). And in the whole roasting process,a constant supply of pure hot air, energy utilization rate of up to 90%.

Meanwhile,the heating element heats up the interior of the roaster and at the same time transmits a large amount of thermal energy to the metal interior walls,thus transforming the cold air passing through the channels into hot air of up to 200°/392.0 F or more.

With this hot air upgrade comes the following benefits:

1) By surrounding the hot air,the temperature inside the roaster is kept stable, ensuring stable operation under various ambient temperatures without affecting the roasting quality and efficiency.

2) Cold air passes through the heated channelsensuring that the temperature of the hot air entering the roaster reaches 200°℃/392.0 °F or more. This doubles the thermal efficiency and shortens the roasting timethus better preserving the flavor characteristics of the coffee beans, while improving the expansion of the beans and the uniformity of the roasting.

3) By continuously providing pure hot air, it avoids the circulation of exhaust gases, which makes the flavor of coffee beans cleaner and greatly reduces the smoky feeling produced during the roasting process.

4) Expanding the maximum roasting capacity: enabling it to increase the maximum roasting capacity by more than 20%.

5) Optimize the body structure and sealing design,strengthen the airtightness of the body, reduce heat loss to improve the heat utilization efficiency of the machine,and ensure the stability of the internal environment. Energy saving and environmental protection heat energy utilization rate of 90%.

6) In order to avoid unreasonable heat and cause beans defects in coffee bean roasting, bean drum structure has also been upgradedadjusting the ratio of infrared radiation and convection heat in the roaster to achieve the best heat transfer effect,further reducing the smoky feeling and dry heat to adapt to the needs of”sensitive people”.

7) Avoid coffee beans being affected by excessive infrared rays, greatly improve the flavor of coffee beans in sunshine and special treatment methodand greatly avoid coffee bean tipping.

The kaleido upgraded hot air roaster has hit the market and it has become the roaster of choice for roasting enthusiasts and professionals alike.

If you are also interested in this hot air upgrade or would like to order a hot air roaster, please feel free to contact us!


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